Unbelievable but true

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It all started,

When my man retired from the Canadian Military with 20+ years of service for our country. He was not quite sure of what he should be doing everyday. After living a regimented life for so long, the adjustment can be quite impossible.

He often joked about getting a food vending cart and standing out on the corner selling hotdogs. “Rain or Shine – Hotdogs for a Dime”. He’s obviously still living in the past with that price!

I always thought he was joking and never really paid any attention to it. This went on for years. One day he was at it again, “Rain or Shine – Hotdogs for a Dime!” I said to him well, let’s do it. He stopped looked at me in utter shock! He said “PPPPPardon?” I couldn’t help it and started laughing, I repeated myself and he said “Seriously?”. I said “yes”, and with that we began building our future.

Working together we began the research

  • What equipment do we need?
  • Who do we need to meet and speak with?
  • What legal documents do we need?
  • How do we get them?
  • How do we make this a reality?
  • SO So many questions


After everything was said and done, here we are today:

“Rain or Shine – Hotdogs for 6 dollars!”

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